Over 40? Thinking about moving abroad?

Cat at Teotihuacan, Mex.Midlife sneaks up on you. You’re busy with work, family, plans and logistics. Then one day you look up and you’re 40, or 50, or 60. What!? How in the hell did that happen?

And now something is nagging at you. Maybe the work you’ve been doing for years feels kinda dull. Maybe you’re feeling burnt out. Or you’re jaded from living in a city that no longer excites you.

Is wanderlust calling your name? Maybe it’s been there all along, but now you can’t ignore it. The world is waiting!

After years of adulting –buying kitty litter, getting to work on time day after day, putting other people’s wants before your own needs — it’s time to shift focus. It’s time to do something for yourself for a change.

Whatever you’re meant to do in life, you need to get on with it. Incremental change is no longer going to cut it. Even if you don’t know yet where you want to go, it’s probably better to shake things up than to let your life ossify around you.

Midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear: "I'm not screwing around. It’s time." - Brené Brown
In my 40s, I went through a long, emotionally draining divorce. Through the stress of that time, I tried a lot of different things to stay grounded: yoga, meditation, medication, therapy….

And I was lucky to take part in creating a circle of women who were also going through difficult divorces. These women were my rock. We provided each other with a sympathetic ear, a sounding board, a shoulder to cry on, a good laugh, and a gentle nudge when it was time to put on our big girl panties.

When you’re going through big change, it helps to have a community of people who get what you’re going through, a place where it’s safe to speak your dreams out loud,  to cheer you on as you start making your dreams come true, one by one.


That’s why I created Rebloom Room, a community for women in midlife who want to shift gears and (quite possibly) move abroad. Logistics are one part of the equation, but even more vexing is the question of how one can build a life elsewhere. How can we prevent long-term loneliness? How can we live our dreams and thrive, instead of wallowing in indecision, regret or defeat?

If you’re moving into your next chapter, and are ready to shake things up a little (or a lot), sign up below to be a part of Rebloom Room.

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