paddle boat headed down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

How to keep your head from exploding

For the past few weeks, I’ve been tweeting about things to love about the U.S. Just one a day for 100 days. Not because I’ve become a raging xenophobe, but because I live in the nation’s capital and am desperate to keep my head from exploding.

So I’m shifting my focus to the positive. It’s a survival tactic.

Here’s my list so far:

1. Oprah
2. National Park Service
3. Canada to the north
4. Mexico to the south
5. fine black men
6. blue jeans
7. the Grand Canyon
8. beautiful American women
9. natural hair
10. the Obama family
11. Pioneers (eg, NASA & Ruby Bridges)
12. Elizabeth Gilbert
13. American athleticism
14. Serena Williams
15. American customer service
16. Clean bathroom, flush toilets & hand washing rules
17. Potable tap water
18. Toni Morrison
20. Unitarians
19. C.P. time (late, naturally)
21. Introvert revolution
22. Public libraries
23. Celebrating winter holidays however you want
24. Marriage equality
25. California
26. Our varied ecosystems

I’ve got miles to go before I sleep (oooooh! Walt Whitman!) So please give me your suggestions for why #AmericaIsAlreadyGreat. If you hang out on Twitter, you can follow along at @rebloomroom.

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